This interdisciplinary graduate program brings together design, statistics, and computer science, developing critical abilities and facility for innovation in work settings in which data increasingly shapes opinion, policy, and decision-making.

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Marisa Asari

Weapons of Mass Injustice

Visualizing the unequal impacts of gun violence and the search for peace in America’s cities

Robin Coenen

With Compliments to the Secretary General

Visualizing Maritime Claims at the UN in regard to the Continental Shelf

Mio Akasako

Women in STEM: A Lesson in Perseverance

Exploring different facets of sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination in STEM academia to highlight how the environment has protected perpetrators of sexual misconduct, and facilitated a self-perpetuating gender gap to this day.

Saloni Naishad Shah

Are Forest Money or Mitigation?

Understanding the impact of carbon cap and trade markets on deforestation and emissions

Michael Desai

Visual Value

A User Interface for Exploring Income Statements

Dan Ran

Shenzhen: The Growth and Livability of a Mega-city

Shenzhen, known as China's booming silicon valley today, used to be a small fish town 40 years ago. Today, it ranks one of the top mega-cities in China and leading examples of urbanization in developing countries.

Amanda Anderson-You

Climate & Sleep

Exploring the relationship between the climate crisis and sleep health

Yiran Ni

Global Travel of Zoonotic Diseases.

An analysis of how global wildlife trading is related to the zoonotic diseases.

Nour Zein

Greening From the Rooftops

A User Interface for Mapping New York City's Green Roof Potential

Zui Chen

Unmasking Masks

Uncovering global attitudes towards masks. Masks have recently become common objects in our daily life and triggered a world-wide dissonance due to COVID-19. And there is a clear difference in attitudes between East Asian countries and the Western world.

Neil Oliver

Is Twitter Feeding Bitcoin?

An analysis of Twitter content, user behavior, and correlation to Bitcoin market value

Lulu Tanenbaum

Your Brain on Political Media

Voting choices are made on more than just facts – emotion, bias and unconscious thought play an important role in one's decision-making process. But what effect does advertising have? This thesis visualizes American voters’ unconscious response to political advertising & media.

Antonie Dreyer


Visualizing research paper metadata in the field of Aerospace Engineering for more efficient knowledge exploration, research and learning. The project combines a flattened hierarchical "front-of-the book" table of contents structure with a network-based "back-of-the book" index connectivity over time.

Janice Yamanaka-Lew

Swamp Walk

Stepping into the Great Swamp Swamps have always been a source of terror and fascination but are actually valuable ecosystems. Swamp Walk weaves together the cultural prejudices and the ecological value of swamps, along with archival graphics from the jetport battle that took place in The Great Swamp in New Jersey between 1959 to 1970.

Brad MacDonald

The Rona and Me

An emoji-focused reflection on my experience with COVID-19 in an era of imposed digital connection

John Outwater

Sensing Blue

The role of flavor perception in modern blueberry breeding

Caitlyn Ralph

Gut vs. Data: Mapping Career Arcs with Touring History in British Indie and Alternative Music

The aim of this thesis is to map touring histories to British indie and alternative career arcs in a post-streaming world, ultimately creating and visualizing an artist’s career fingerprint through live music.

Dan Grunebaum

Turning Japanese

The Globalization of Japanese Language and Concepts

Xingwei Huang

A Guilty Pleasure

How Cocoa Production is Driving Deforestation in The Ivory Coast