Education Financing and Inequality in Sub-Saharan African Countries
How much education funding does one student receive on average?
Education is a form of human capital investment that is central to economic growth and reduce income inequality. This interactive breakdown of public, private and aid expenditures on education aims to examine the impact of such investment on inequality. Click on the bars for more information.
Intl. Aid
DATA SOURCE: 1. Government expenditure per student, by education level: UNESCO Education Finance 2. Household expenditure education, by education level (re-calculated USD per student): UNESCO IIEP Pôle de Dakar 3.Official development assitance, by education level (re-calculated as USD by student): OECD Creditor Reporting System 5.Gini coefficient: IID-SSA & UNU-WIDER, 'World Income Inequality Database (WIID3c). COUNTRY SELECTION: All countries are selected based on the completeness of their education expenditure data for all three sources.